Michele Kauffman

CCC Level 1 Instructor

Michele discovered Connection, Cooperation & Control in 2016 and embraced it after experiencing profound changes in her relationships with her own dogs. She decided to pursue her CCC Instructor Certification so she could share her enthusiasm for CCC with other handler and dog teams.

With a Masters of Education degree, 16 years of teaching experience in elementary and special education, and over 20 years of experience working with animals, Michele continues to further her education about dogs through workshops with Suzanne Clothier, Bob Bailey, and Sue Sternberg. She has completed a variety of training classes, including nose work and Rally Obedience, to deepen her relationships with her own dogs.

Since 2002, Michele has enjoyed volunteering for Canine Companions for Independence, including raising puppies and teaching their local training classes. She has also volunteered with Pets On Wheels and National Capital Therapy Dogs providing animal-assisted activities and animal-assisted therapies, as well as the R.E.A.D. program.

Michele is a Maryland native who lives with her current Canine Companions assistance dog in training, her Labrador/Golden Retriever, Spike, her Miniature Dachshund, Rocket, her Bengal cat, Cyan, and her VERY patient husband.