• Is your dog’s behavior great at home, but he’s a punk in the park?
  • Do you wish your dog would listen, even in distracting situations?
  • Spent a lot on training classes, but still have an out of control dog?

See Spot Grin’s Connection, Cooperation & Control (CCC) training system can help you create the kind of connection and cooperation you want with your dog. Firmly founded on the principles of Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training, See Spot Grin’s training system helps you create mutual connection with your dog, while you also develop cheerful cooperation.

Dog training generally focuses on teaching dogs specific behaviors, but forgets to include the relationship, communication and connection. Without those key ingredients, you end up with a dog who knows “stuff” like SIT, DOWN, STAY but still drags you here and there, tuning you out and sometimes just disconnecting. Sound familiar?

Distraction is a common problem for pet owners and professional dog trainers. The See Spot Grin CCC training system bridges the gap between training at home and in public places to keep the dog engaged and cooperative while the rest of the world happens around him.

See Spot Grin’s Connection, Cooperation & Control course focuses on the ingredients that create a strong relationship, like handler body language and intent, teaching dogs how to ask permission before dashing off or dragging you around. Best of all, this training system offers the opportunity to train the way real life happens – without a bait bag or treats in the handler’s pocket!

See Spot Grin’s training system uses food reward puzzles to offer the dog a richer experience, enhancing motivation, an eagerness to continue training, and making it easier to teach behavior and cooperation. Studies have shown that dogs wag their tails more when solving a problem and are more eager to repeat the experience than when they are simply given a reward for compliance.

Whether your dog’s just a Friendly Freddy, a Distracted Daisy, or even a Reactive Roger, you can have the joyful, cooperative and connected relationship that you want with your dog. Fans report immediate shifts in connection and cooperation after just one lesson! Great for puppies and adult dogs. Ideal for those adolescent dogs who may have mailed their brains to another planet.  

Watch our free video to see if you'd like to have what these students have:  connection, cooperation & control, without force, fear or pain.

What people are saying about Connection, Cooperation & Control™


I can't say enough about how awesome this class is!!!  Cindy Knowlton takes the theories from Suzanne's Relationship Centered Training and puts them into real life class exercises using her own twist, the puzzles. It is amazing how much those simple puzzles motivate the dog to connect with their person. 

Whether your issue is pulling on the leash, darting out the door, disconnecting from the handler around distractions, or any number of other difficulties, Cindy uses positive methods to help your dog realize that teamwork and getting permission to do something feels better than doing "your own thing".

If you are familiar with Suzanne Clothier's "Think & Learn Zone" concept, Cindy's use of puzzles in training is an excellent way to both keep your dog in thinking mode (they must think to solve one of 4 different puzzles in order to get their treat reward) as well as a way to gauge exactly how close they are to being too "amped" to think. You can visibly see them easily open the puzzle once and then if they get too excited you can see them struggle to open that same puzzle. The dog learns to self calm so that they can get their reward from the puzzle.

I have an easily excitable 2 year old Border Collie and this class has done wonders for him. We have taken both the level 1 and level 2 class, and are working on talking Cindy into creating a level 3 class .

Highly recommended!!!!

- Leanne & Ketch

This is a fantastic class. I am so fortunate to live close enough to train with Cindy Knowlton. I adopted a rescue dog and one month later, before he barely knew his new name and no obedience, we were in the Connection, Cooperation & Control class. We have now learned to relate to each other and communicate with words, movement, and respect. Pedro now has a sit, down, stay and we learned it together by making the right decisions before charging forward. Play and connect with your dog. it's a lot of fun!!

- Lori & Pedro

Highly recommend.  Cindy's innovative approach in Connection, Cooperation & Control has done wonders.  There are no words to express how grateful I am.

- Gail & Lily

When I registered for Cindy’s Connection & Cooperation class I expected that my dog Juliette would learn a lot, but what I didn’t expect was how much I’d learn about myself and my relationship with her. The class really helped me see myself (and our training) through my dog’s eyes. 

- Kristina & Juliette

Enthusiastically echoing others' comments and experiences above. In the first class, my excitable youngster started learning to work the puzzles with her brain rather than by force. Throughout the later classes, we tested and practiced and refined our "real life" work enhanced by the puzzle boxes. Indeed - the best feature of the courses is that dogs learn that all the best things in life happen when they are settled and comfy in their skin. And the human learns that no matter how headstrong, distracted, over-threshold, and downright difficult her dog is - that same dog can become a willing partner who actually SEEKS to connect with the human.  Best of all - we both had A BLAST getting to that Doggie Nirvana. Silver and I give this class and Cindy infinite paws up!!

- Deb & Silver

I too am lucky enough to be taking this class and I heartily echo what has been said. What I'm seeing with my soft worried boy is a growth in confidence, an excitement and joy that lifts his skills as it lifts his spirits.

- Nan & Gordon

My young Sheltie and I have just completed our second Connection, Cooperation & Control class with Cindy. At first I thought that it was a lot of fun to teach my dog how to open the puzzle boxes but I soon came to realize the depth of what we were learning. My dog is very reactive to almost everything, and it has been very difficult for me to deal with. I am now able to have my dog stay connected with me (i.e., make eye contact) before we encounter something that elevates her arousal level.  When we do encounter a moving car or other dogs, I can continue to ask her to stay connected with me and have her stay connected instead of reacting to the car or dogs. This class has made me a much more relaxed and therefore better dog mom. Cindy is a wonderful, very knowledgeable instructor. She likes all dogs and their owners and is very generous with her help and support. It is very moving to see how much progress students make by the end of the class with Cindy’s guidance.  

- Margaret & Caris

Class Details

Intro to Connection, Cooperation & Control

Connection and cooperation are the hallmark of any dog/human relationship.   See Spot Grin is proud to offer a unique approach to achieving this goal through the use of food puzzles to establish permission, focus, team work and confidence.  Dogs of any age will develop the skills of eye contact, loose leash walking, heel work, a formal recall, and build duration on your existing sit and down stays with a practical, positive approach to learning.  Enjoy a more individualized approach with our small class size, or choose the online class option, to make your family pet or performance dog the best he can be.  Required Material:  Food puzzles (approximately $25) must be purchased separately.

Continuing CCC

Custom designed so you can pick up where you left off in Level 1 and continue developing the dog/handler relationship using puzzles for practical applications of real life skills, such as how to keep your dog safe when the front door or car door comes open and when you unclip the leash, balancing your attention while greeting a stranger, and sustaining connection while your perform every day tasks.  This course is all about attention splitting and keeping your dog's mental focus, because where the mind goes, the body will follow.  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Level 1.

CCC Games

This drop in format includes fun games to play while keeping you and your dog challenged in new ways.  Looking to take your connection to the next level off lead? Offered monthly on Mondays, this one hour practice provides a safe environment with your instructor serving as your ghost handler as needed to insure your dog's success.  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Continuing CCC,

In the Classroom

Intro to Connection, Cooperation & Control

Course Length:  Six Weeks (1.5 hour sessions)
Course Fee:        $175

  • Weds         5:00-6:30 pm        begins Jan 6       Register Now
  • Thurs         8:00-9:30 pm        begins Feb 25
  • Thurs         6:30-8:00 pm        begins Apr 14

Continuing CCC

Course Length:  Six Weeks (1.5 hour sessions)
Course Fee:        $175     

  • Tues         2:00-3:30 pm          ongoing
  • Weds        12:30-2:00 pm        ongoing
  • Weds        5:00-6:30 pm         begins Feb 24
  • Thurs        8:00-9:30 pm         begins Apr 14

CCC Games

Drop In Practice:  $25                     
Reservation required:  email cindy@seespotgrin.com

Online Classes

Intro to Connection, Cooperation & Control

Course Length:  Six weeks
Course Fee:        $175/participants; $125/auditors

The Continuing CCC Online Classroom

Continue your Connection, Cooperation & Control journey with a monthly subscription for a personalized coaching program.  Either pick up where you left off at the end of your class, or pop in for assistance as needed.  

Participants:  $80/month (unlimited video submission)
Auditors:  $50/month

Email Cindy:  cindy@seespotgrin.com to start your subscription.


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