Suzanne Clothier: Hand & Paw Seminar


Thank you for registering for the Suzanne Clothier's Hand & Paw seminar scheduled to be held at The Coventry School for Dogs & Their People in Columbia, MD on November 3-4, 2018. 

Dog Policy

Suzanne will be working with dogs chosen from the case studies submitted. It is recommended that you leave your dog at home if your case study was not chosen. (Those chosen will be notified in the next couple of days.) In the event that leaving your dog at home is not possible, please be aware that your dog will be required to be crated in a separate room. Crates will not be provided by the facility. It is recommended that your dog not be left in your vehicle.

It is expected that your dog is well behaved and will not interfere with Suzanne's presentation.  Please be sure to clean up after your dogs so that we are invited to return for future seminars.

The Schedule

Registration & Light Breakfast will be open from 8:15 - 8:45 AM each day. The seminar will run from 9 am to 5 pm daily, with a one hour lunch break around 12:30 pm or so, and breaks throughout the day. Beverages and light snacks will be available throughout the day.  Lunch is not included.  Participants are responsible for their own lunches. There are plenty of restaurants within five minutes of the facility.

What to Bring

Paper, pen, and very empty brain in which to pour lots of information!  Chairs will be provided for those flying in, otherwise please plan to bring your own chair keeping in mind that we'll be meeting in a small space and want to be sure everyone fits!  Tall backed chairs will only be allowed in the last row as a courtesy to the other attendees.  If you do bring a well-loved dog event chair, make sure that any dirt it may have accumulated has been removed before entering the building.

The Location

The Coventry School is newly renovated. If you've been there before you should know that they've given up some suites and have added some new suites, so be sure to look for signs that will get you to registration!  The seminar will be held indoors, and possibly outdoors at times. The facility is handicapped accessible and climate controlled. There will be other classes happening on both days, with dogs coming and going.  Please take this into consideration as you come and go.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!