What is Performance Scent Dogs?

Performance Scent Dogs is a registry that offers organizations the opportunity to bring an additional form of competition to the scent work community. It’s a super fun way to test your skills in up to five different elements, including:

  • Buildings

  • Exteriors

  • Containers

  • Distance

  • Speed

Competitions can include one, any or all of the above elements one one day. Legs are earned for titles in the individual elements, and special awards are also offered.

You’ll find lots of trial videos on the Performance Scent Dogs Facebook page.

Find out more about your eligibility to enter Scent Detective trials and learn more about competitions by downloading the rule book below.

Nifty Things about Performance Scent Dogs

Well isn't that nifty_! (2).png

If you’ve competed in other venues you may be surprised by these nifty ideas:

  • Same day Target Odor Tests; if you don’t pass you can still compete as FEO

  • If your dog has an NW3 title you can start competing at the Advanced level

  • Enter one element or multiple elements on the same day

  • Turn your run into a training run if your dog needs the support

  • Distance and Speed classes provide new challenges

  • Score sheets with point deductions listed help you adjust your training plan for improved performance

Getting Started in Performance Scent Dogs

Before you can enter a trial you’ll need to register with Performance Scent Dogs. Ready to get started?

How to Enter a Performance Scent Dogs Trial

  1. Create an account or sign into your portal on the Performance Scent Dogs website.

  2. Go to the drop down menu in the upper right corner & choose Upcoming Events.

  3. Click on the trial you’re looking for.

  4. Click on the Enter Now button and follow the instructions on your screen.

Enter a Performance Scent Dog Trial

See Spot Grin is pleased to be coordinating with Breakaway Action Dogs to host Performance Scent Dog trials at their facility in Frederick, Maryland.