What are Quarry Quest Trials?

Quarry Quest is a fun scent work game you can play with your dog, and is one of seven divisions of Wag It! Games. Dogs demonstrate their ability to sniff out their "Quarry" in a ring full of obstacles. What’s the quarry? Sheep wool!

Quarry Quest trials at See Spot Grin offer

  • the excitement of the hunt without live prey

  • the opportunity to play with your dog indoors — no hay! no eliminating on course!

  • compete with your dog in a fun, light-hearted way

  • a way to practice searching in a new way or a new location

Find out more about your eligibility to enter Quarry Quest trials and learn more about competitions by downloading the rule book below.

A game of scent and search. Dogs enjoy hunting for their "quarry" — a container with sheep’s wool inside.

Getting Started in Quarry Quest

See Spot Grin offers a six week Intro to Quarry Quest course, where your dog learn to search for sheep’s wool and get lots of practice searching at the various levels of competition he’ll see at a trial. The relaxed class environment is a great way to introduce your dog to competition and test your observation skills and enjoy an evening of fun with your pooch. Ready to get started?

Enter a Quarry Quest Trial

First things first: If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register with Wag It! Games before you can enter a trial.

Here’s a listing of the upcoming Quarry Quest trials at See Spot Grin. Mark your calendar for the following dates, and check back to see when entries open.