CCC Level 1 Class

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CCC Level 1 Class

  • Is your dog’s behavior great at home, but he’s a punk in the park?
  • Do you wish your dog would listen, even in distracting situations?
  • Spent a lot on training classes, but still have an out of control dog?

The Connection, Cooperation & Control (CCC) training system can help you create the kind of connection and cooperation you want with your dog. Firmly founded on the principles of Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training™, the CCC training system helps you create mutual connection with your dog, while you also develop cheerful cooperation.

Dog training generally focuses on teaching dogs specific behaviors, but forgets to include the relationship, communication and connection. Without those key ingredients, you end up with a dog who knows “stuff” like SIT, DOWN, STAY but still drags you here and there, tuning you out and sometimes just disconnecting. Sound familiar?

Distraction is a common problem for pet owners and professional dog trainers. The CCC training system bridges the gap between training at home and in public places to keep the dog engaged and cooperative while the rest of the world happens around him.

Connection, Cooperation & Control courses focus on the ingredients that create a strong relationship, like handler body language and intent, teaching dogs how to ask permission before dashing off or dragging you around. Best of all, this training system offers the opportunity to train the way real life happens – without a bait bag or treats in the handler’s pocket!

The CCC training system uses food reward puzzles to offer the dog a richer experience, enhancing motivation, an eagerness to continue training, and making it easier to teach behavior and cooperation. Studies have shown that dogs wag their tails more when solving a problem and are more eager to repeat the experience than when they are simply given a reward for compliance.

Whether your dog’s just a Friendly Freddy, a Distracted Daisy, or even a Reactive Roger, you can have the joyful, cooperative and connected relationship that you want with your dog. Fans report immediate shifts in connection and cooperation after just one lesson! Great for puppies and adult dogs. Ideal for those adolescent dogs who may have mailed their brains to another planet.  

Watch our free videos to see if you'd like to have what these folks have:  connection, cooperation & control, without force, fear or pain.

For more CCC videos visit our YouTube Channel.

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