See Spot Grin: Your Dog’s Sniffing Headquarters

As a social being, a dog’s sense of smell is his primary way to gather information and learn about his world. Recent studies suggest that allowing your dog to explore the world through his nose is important to his welfare, improving optimism and confidence as he makes independent choices through problem solving while searching for a desired source.

See Spot Grin is your dog’s Sniff Central! We offer a multitude of olfactory enrichment opportunities for dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities. Whether your dog is a pet, a retired working dog, an up and coming performance dog, shy or reactive, he can sniff! 

Our skills and concepts are easy to apply at home or on the go, and offer the mental stimulation and satisfaction to keep your dog mentally and physically exercised.

Play at home or choose to compete, the sky's the limit in how See Spot Grin can help your dog get his sniff on and improve your relationship in the process. You'll be amazed with your dog's scenting abilities. The nose knows!