Wag It! Games

See Spot Grin is excited to add Wag It! Games to the class schedule. If you're looking for more fun to have with your dog you'll find it here.  Wag It! Games is founded on the relationship between dog and handler, and focuses on team work, connection, communication and confidence building.  Whether you're looking to compete or simply take a class to enjoy with your four legged friend, Wag It! Games includes seven games you can play at home or in competition.

Shadow Skills & No Need for Speed

Shadow Skills include exercises in heeling, incorporating a variety of twists, turns and side changes. No Need for Speed involves building teamwork while teaching the dog to negotiate obstacles and equipment without the element of speed.

See Spot Grin offers a great introduction into the world of Wag It! Games Shadow and No Need for Speed skills divisions.  An upbeat presentation combines the ground work involved in various rally, obedience, freestyle and agility handling skills with building the coordination, body awareness in the dog along with the trust and patience in the handler, and makes for an exciting way to build teamwork and connection.

Sniff It & Quarry Quest

Through Sniff It and Quarry Quest you'll learn just how impressive your dog's scenting ability really is.  Wag It! Games offers four games that your dog can play using his nose to find food, or sheep's wool, or discriminate handler scent using plastic, wooden, leather and metal items.  Nose Work folks often substitute birch, anise or clove for food, to offer their dogs new ways to search.

You’ll see what a Sniff It trial is like in this video.

Sniff It is offered through our Intro to K9 Nose Work® class.

Dog Ball

Looking to build impulse control while learning a new game?  In Dog Ball the dog directs an exercise ball through a course that includes gates and pens. Teaching your dog how to control the movement of the ball is the goal, and a great exercise in self control. Inspired by sheep herding, this sport is fun for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Water Skills

Enjoy spending time in the water with your dog?  You and your dog will have endless fun with Water Skills.  Learn to navigate your way through a course of twists, turns and side changes with your dog swimming right next to you.  It's great exercise for human and dog!