Tapping into a dog's natural hunting instinct, K9 Nose Work® is a fun activity for dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities. Whether your dog is a pet, retired or an up and coming performance dog, shy, reactive, or has other issues that prevent him from attending other dog classes, if your dog has a nose, he can play!  Play at home or choose to compete, the sky's the limit in how K9 Nose Work® can work for you and your dog.  You'll be amazed with your dog's scenting abilities. The nose knows!

What are the Benefits of K9 Nose Work®?

  • Offers job opportunities to dogs who can't otherwise work due to physical limitations.

  • Builds confidence in shy and reactive dogs by giving them an alternate task.

  • Allows dogs to burn off extra energy through intense mental exercise.

  • Easy to incorporate at home and when you're on the go with your dog.

  • It's just plain fun!

Ever wonder what smell looks like?

Have a peek at our sniffin' fun at See Spot Grin . . .