For me, the best thing about See Spot Grin is not that Cindy is one of the best trainers in the area, or that the classes and other events are well organized and user friendly, although she is and they are. The best thing is Cindy's genuine appreciation of both people and dogs (warts and all) and what they can accomplish together. See Spot Grin is a great place to learn to how to be a better teammate to your dog and have fun doing it. ---Sharon, Washington, DC

See Spot Grin provides consistent, positive training experiences for dogs AND their humans. We really appreciate that! Although I understand completely why it can be harder for trainers to be positive with the human side of the team, it makes a world of difference to receive positive, helpful feedback when you're trying to learn something new and convey it to your canine partner. ---Lynda, Upper Marlboro, MD

Cindy is a great instructor, all positive reinforcement… something I had to get used to, having learned obedience training in the '70's, but find I am getting MUCH better results without corrections and simply shaping behavior and reinforcing. This has been a wonderful learning experience not only for my "Spoo", but for me as well! Thank You, Cindy, for having See Spot Grin for us to come to!! Chelsea and I are both "Grinners"!! ---Jacky, Catonsville, MD