What is C-WAGS Scent Detectives?

C-WAGS offers competitions in obedience, rally, games and a scent work division called Scent Detectives. If you’re looking for another enjoyable opportunity to test your scent work skills with your dog using birch, anise or clove, the C-WAGS Scent Detectives program offer six levels to keep you challenged in new ways. Cypress is an additional odor that dogs must search for beginning at the Novice level.

Scent Detective Trials at See Spot Grin offer opportunities for you to

  • compete with your dog in a fun, easy going manner

  • introduce your dog to a competition environment

  • practice searching in a new way or a new location

Find out more about your eligibility to enter Scent Detective trials and learn more about competitions by downloading the rule book below.

Check out these Grinners competing in some C-WAGS Scent Detective trials.

Nifty Things about C-WAGS Scent Detective Trials

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If you’ve competed in other venues you may be surprised by these nifty ideas:

  • No target odor recognition prerequisite

  • Enter multiple levels on the same day

  • Use a mulligan to try again – and still qualify

  • Indoor searches only (unless otherwise specified on the premium)

  • Run your dog, then watch your friends compete, or go home and have the rest of the day to do something else

Getting Started in C-WAGS Scent Detectives

If you’re already attending nose work classes you’re ready to compete! The relaxed trial environment is a great way to introduce your dog to competition and test your observation skills, practice for competitions in other venues, or just enjoy some fun with your pooch. Ready to get started?

How to enter a C-WAGS Scent Detective Trial

  1. Find the trial you’re looking to enter on the C-WAGS website.

  2. Click on the club name to go to their website.

  3. Locate the trial premium & download.

  4. Fill out the entry form and mail it in.

Enter a C-WAGS Scent Detective Trial

Mark your calendars! See Spot Grin will be hosting it’s first C-WAGS Scent Detectives trial on November 23, 2019. If you’d like to be notified when the premium is available fill out the form below.

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