Adding the Puzzles to the Rods


You will need:

  • 6 capped (10") PVC tubes
  • various plastic bottles and cardboard containers (with the holes you put in them)
  • puzzle station frame

Your dog will enjoy his puzzle station most if you start by adding one container to the rod until he learns to solve that puzzle, and then add another until he learns to solve it, etc.

We have found the following progression to be the most straight forward for the dog:

1.        Short water bottles
2.       2 liter soda bottles
3.       Taller water bottles
4.       PVC food tubes
5.       Square containers with big holes
6.       Square containers with small holes
7.       Milk jugs

Got questions?

Tying the Puzzles to the Rods

You will need:

  • The plastic bottles you cut holes in the bottom of
  • The puzzle station frame with the ropes attached

This video shows how to attach bottles to the ropes.

Adding a Puzzle to the Canopy

When deciding what you'd like to put on top of your canopy consider the following:

  • What can your dog easily push of the edge of the canopy?
  • What is light enough that it won't hurt your dog when it falls?
  • What will your dog be able to access readily when he rolls it off the edge?

Here are some examples of what has worked for some dogs.  Click on the wording below each photo for purchasing info.

You could also use something as simple as a crumbled brown paper bag with some treats in it! (Never use plastic bags in the same way!)

Got questions?

Now it's time to train your dog how to solve the food puzzles!  Click here to find out how.

Don't skimp on this part!  Your dog will enjoy his puzzle station most when he can confidently solve the puzzles with ease!