Building the Frame Base

You will need:

  • (4) 31.75" PVC poles
  • (4) 3 way PVC corners

Step 1

Attach two 3 way PVC corners to one of the PVC poles.


Step 2

Attach remaining poles and 3 way PVC corners as shown below,

Building the Frame Top


You will need:

  • (4) 31.75" PVC poles
  • (4) 2" PVC poles
  • (4) 4 way corners
  • (4) PVC end caps

Step 1

Attach a 4 way PVC corner to each end of a PVC pole.


Step 2

Attach remaining poles and 4 way PVC corners as shown below,


Step 3

Attach 2" PVC poles to 4 way PVC corners as shown below.

Step 4

Attach PVC end caps to 2" PVC poles as shown below.


Adding the Uprights

You will need:

  • Puzzle station frame top
  • Puzzle station frame bottom
  • 4 custom cut poles with holes

Step 1:

Attach four uprights to bottom frame of puzzle station as shown below.  


Step 2:

Attach top frame of puzzle station to four uprights as shown below.


Threading the Rod

You will need:

  • 2 all thread rods
  • 4 bolts
  • 4 washers
  • puzzle station frame

Step 1

Thread rod through holes in uprights as shown here.  



Step 2

Secure washer and hex nut to each end of the rod.


Step 3

Add the second rod following the same procedure.

We recommend not gluing the PVC poles to the joints so that your puzzle station can be taken apart for transport and cleaning.

Preparing & Adding the Rope

Step 1: Preparing the Rope


You will need:

  • nylon rope
  • scissors
  • lighter
  • puzzle station frame

Watch the video on the right to see how to prepare the rope for your puzzle station.

1. Measure the length of each rope at twice the height of your puzzle station frame.  Cut three separate lengths of rope.

2. Caution: Be sure you're burning nylon rope outside so you don't start a fire!

3. You'll want the loops you tie to be big enough for your 1" diameter PVC pipe to slide through.


Step 2: Adding the Rope

You will need:

  • Puzzle station frame
  • loop tied nylon rope

This video shows how to add the rope to your puzzle station frame. You'll want to add all three ropes as shown in the photo below.


Adding the Canopy


You will need:

  • puzzle station frame
  • shade cloth
  • 4 (10") zip ties
  • 4 tarp clips

This video hows how to add the canopy to your puzzle station frame.

1. Thread a zip tie through the loop in the tarp clip and close loosely.  Repeat for all four tarp clips.

2. Insert looped zip tie over puzzle station frame finial and close the zip tie, leaving enough room so that it can be slipped off the finial when needed. Repeat, attaching all four tarp clips to finials.

3. Cut the excess off of each zip tie and rotate the joint so that it faces the inside of the puzzle station frame.

4. Attach each corner of the canopy to the tarp clips as shown.

Ready to prepare your puzzles?  Click here to proceed.