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How to Mount Your Puzzles

1.  First you'll need to decide on what you want to use as a base.  Puzzles can be mounted to wood bases, a mat such as the one to the left, or a yoga mat cut into 2'x2' sections.  If you need a source for the mat, click on the photo on the left.  The company sells these mats in singles or bulk.

2.  Cut the nubs off the edges using a utility knife as shown here.  

3.  Cut the remaining mat into quarters.

4.  Center one of the puzzles on a quarter piece of mat so that the opening is face down.  Using the puzzle edges as guides, cut a hole in the center of the mat piece as shown here.  (If you're using a yoga mat, cut the hole in the center of your mat in the same fashion.)

5.  Turn the puzzle over.  Slide the mat over the puzzle and it's ready to use!

Note:  This mount won't work for the puzzle with the pull out drawer.  We recommend an alternative mount for the drawer puzzle.  Email for ideas.