Looking for a long line that feels good in your hands, and wishing you had varying lengths to work with?  Now you can make your own in just a few easy steps!

Materials Needed:

Swivel Snap Hook

Climb-Spec Tubular Webbing

Wood Burning Tool

Where can I find these materials?

Swivel Snap Hook:  If you're a See Spot Grin students, these are available in the classroom.  Otherwise, you'll find them at most hardware stores or on Amazon.  Take care to select the size that will suit your dog's size and keep them safe.

Climb-Spec Tubular Webbing is sold by the inch at most stores that carry rock climbing gear, such as REI.  It comes in two sizes relevant to our use.  The cheapest I've found online for the 1" webbing, with the most color options available is Black Jack Mountain Outfitters.  Shipping will cost you an additional $5, but they offer free shipping on orders over $39, so you might want to go in with a friend.  If you're looking for 5/8" webbing, Climb Axe offers the lowest price (plus $5 shipping), but there aren't as many color options available in the narrower webbing.  There are also some pretty good deals on Ebay.  You'll want to be sure that you get Climb-Spec webbing, NOT military-spec webbing, as the military-spec webbing is harder on your hands.  The video on the right shows how you can tell the difference.

Wood Burning Tool:  There are many options available.  You should be able to find it at your local craft store, but Amazon sells a pretty basic version for about $10.

Follow the easy steps in this video to make your own long line for nose work or tracking: