1.  The structure of the class dictates that one dog work at a time.  Other dogs will remain secure or crated until their turn.

2.  When you enter or exiting the building, or in the potty area, please keep dogs a safe distance (a minimum of six feet) from one another.  No meet and greets.

3.  Make sure to potty your dog before class, and when possible, before each run.  The nature of the work may trigger the desire to eliminate anyway.  If you think that your dog may be getting ready to go, excuse yourself and gently take him outside.  If you are unsuccessful, don't reprimand the dog.  Leave it be and gently take him outside.  Plan to clean up after your dog when you return to the the classroom.

4.  Minimize chatting during the dog's runs.  Students are encouraged to observe other dog-handler teams.  In an effort to support this, as well as give each team undivided time with the instructor, please minimize chatting with each other while another dog-team is up.

5.  Instruction may vary from team to team, depending on the individual needs of the dog and handler.

6.  The dogs will work both on and off leash.

7.  The instructor may rev-up or excite your dog.  Please hold your ground and do not release the dog until instructed to do so.

8.  If a dog solicits social contact during a search, please ignore him.

9.  Be patient with your dog.  There's no need for frustration.  Continue to support your dog.  The goal is to keep it fun for both the dog and the handler.

10.  Leave all obedience at the door.  including "No" or "Leave it."  If you need the dog to leave something during a search, just quietly encourage the dog to move away.  Be careful not to leash correct the dog.

11.  Please ask questions, but know that some will be tabled due to time limitations of the class.

12.  At the discretion of the instructor and facility, videotaping or photography of your own dog may be allowed during runs but may not be posted to social media without the permission of your instructor.  There may be some videotaping by your instructor for educational purposes, which will only be used if you have signed a photo/video waiver.