Welcome to See Spot Grin

Thank you for registering for the People Are Scary class at See Spot Grin at Hog Dog Productions, 470 Ski Lane, Millersville, MD.  Please check the See Spot Grin calendar at any time to see if we will be skipping any weeks.

Once you enter the property, look for the See Spot Grin signs to assist you in finding my one room school house. We'll be meeting in the grey building you'll eventually see on your right as you get to the bottom of the hill. 

Your success in this class will depend on a solid understanding of the core concepts presented and your application at home, so please set aside time for daily work with your dog. 

Please plan to arrive on time each week. We've got lots to cover!

Dog Policy

It is important for your dog to understand that work time is not play time.  Therefore, please refrain from allowing them to meet and play. Be sure to clean up after your dogs.  Along those lines, please take a moment to read  "He Just Wants to Say Hi" by Suzanne Clothier. She also offers expanded information in the way of a free e-book.

The old farm house on top of the hill and the property that directly surrounds it is a private residence.  Please keep your dog and your vehicle away from that space. When you are not working your dog, indoor crating is available. Please pick up after your dog.


Because our focus is on building connection between your dog and you, your dog will be working on a flat or martingale collar.  No choke, prong or e-collars please.  You may transport your dog to and from the classroom on a no-pull front clip harness or gentle leader, but please plan to remove it once you're in the building.  Plan to work your dog on a six foot leash.  Flexi-leads are not allowed.

What Else to Bring

Lots and lots of high value treats. Twice as much as you think you'll need! Water for your dog, and anything else you need to keep your dog comfortable. You may wish to bring a notebook and something to write with to record notes.

Hog Dog Map.jpg

The Location

The classroom we will be working is climate controlled, however it is a roughly finished space over a garage, so please dress to keep yourself comfortable.


You are welcome to park as close to the building as you'd like, but please obey the signs that tell you where you should not park.  In order to fit as many cars in front of the building as possible . . .

Please park like this:

parking 1.jpg

Not like this . . .

parking 2.jpg

Welcome to (1).png

Entering the Building

Please be aware that there are often classes or private consultations in session prior to your appointment.  In order to help you know when it's safe to enter the building simply look at the porch light. If it’s red, please wait to enter. If it’s green, come on in!

Feel free to email me for more information or questions.  I'm looking forward to working with you and your dog!