Preparing Your Food Tubes


You will need:

  • (6) PVC food tubes (previously cut)
  • (6) PVC caps
  • Drill (or drill press)
  • Permanent marker





1. Mark each 10" (25 cm) food tube at 7" (18 cm) using a permanent marker. If you're using 8" (20 cm) food tubes, mark and drill at 6" (15 cm) instead.

2. Drill a hole through both sides of the food tube at the mark you made.

3. Add a cap to the end of the tube furthest from the drilled hole.

4. Repeat for all six food tubes.

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Preparing Your Containers for the Rods


You will need:

  • Various plastic bottles and cardboard containers
  • Tape measure
  • utility knife (or drill, or wood burning tool)
  • permanent marker

1. Measure the container and multiply by 0.66.

2. Mark your container at that measurement on opposite sides of the container.

3. Use one of the methods below to put holes in the container.

4. Repeat for multiple plastic bottles and containers.

Using a utility knife . . .

Using a wood burning tool . . .

Preparing your Bottles for the Ropes


You will need:

  • Plastic bottles that can be tied to the ropes.
  • A utility knife

This video shows how to cut the bottoms out of the bottles.

Now for the finishing touches!  Click here to proceed.