How much mental exercise does your dog get every day?  


Whether you’re always on the go or just run out of ideas to keep your dog’s brain satisfied, it’s important to make mental stimulation a part of his life every day.

Mental exercise is emotionally rewarding for your dog, and promotes his health and well-being. It alleviates boredom, which can lead to destructive behavior, and offers a sense of self control that builds confidence and can lessen anxiety. Mental stimulation gives your dog’s brain a chance to settle so he can learn to relax and rest well.

The See Spot Grin Puzzle Station fosters the dog’s exploratory behavior and offers him the opportunity to work for food, both of which are mightily reinforcing to the animal --and fun for both of you!

Now you can build your own puzzle station and give your dog the gift of a happier, heathier life. He’ll thank you for it.

See Spot Grin Play Station Features:

  • Custom sized for your dog

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Bottles are recyclable, easily attained and easily replaced

  • Furniture grade PVC frame is weather friendly

  • Shade cloth canopy offers shelter from the sun

  • Puzzles are easily rearranged or added to keep your dog challenged

  • Option to increase difficulty level when your dog is ready

  • Easy to disassemble and clean

  • Individual puzzles are easy to train

Always supervise your dog’s interaction with the See Spot Grin Puzzle Station. Besides, you’ll enjoy watching him solve the puzzles and he’ll enjoy your encouragement!

Two Ways Build Your Own Puzzle Station . . .



DSC_2154 (2).JPG

This option is for folks who aren't able to attend a clinic in person. The online course provides a materials list, and detailed written and video instructions. You provide all the tools and materials needed to assemble the project. 

For a complete list of tools and materials you'll need click here.  




If you live in the Millersville, Maryland area or are passing through you can register to attend a puzzle building clinic in the See Spot Grin classroom. The materials you need for this project will already be prepared for you and are included in the price along with instruction to help you assemble it. Just bring your own bottles and you'll leave with your own custom puzzle station, ready to fill with treats for your dog!  Click on the link below for dates and times.