Have you ever considered the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship between you and your dog?  Wondered what's missing, or how to build on what you already have?  The "space in between" planned tasks or activities defines the quality of your dog's performance whether you're at home, out and about, or have specific competition goals.

Using Suzanne Clothier's Relationship Assessment Tool ™ See Spot Grin is now offering private consultations to evaluate the foundation between you and your dog, carefully considering the interactions on both ends of the leash to create a focused training plan to help you bring your relationship with your dog into balance for improved performance.

For $150 you get:

  • a private appointment to discuss your goals
  • an assessment using the Relationship Assessment Tool ™
  • a detailed profile of the results
  • a personalized plan to improve your foundation
  • an additional consultation to discuss the plan and recommended techniques

Schedule an appointment for your individual RAT™ profile and personalized training plan.