• Have you been wondering how to apply the CCC skills you've learned in real life situations?
  • Wish you could have your CCC trainer coach you outside of the classroom?

CCC Travel Class offers the opportunity for both!  This once a month gathering provides the opportunity to apply your CCC skills in a new location with coaching from your instructor.  Whether you and your dog are just learning to transition to new places or are old hats, you can't go wrong! Book early -- space is limited!   $50/class


Here's what some folks are saying about CCC Travel Classes . . .

  • "Travel classes make it real! I learn something new every time and the dogs love it."  -- Lynne, Beck & Billie
  • "Random and I just completed our first CCC Travel Class with Cindy, and I wish we could do this every week.  Getting a dog outside of his/her comfort zone (i.e., home or the classroom), with one-on-one instruction is worth every penny and then some.  

    When out in public, there is so much more to consider, for both you and the dog, that being reminded of all the tools available in our toolbox and to help slice the lesson into even smaller parts made us both feel more comfortable as we worked to maintain our connection.  We also were able to work on Really, Real Relaxation, which is so hard for both of us outside of the house.

    I really was (and wasn't) surprised at how hard it is in the real world for both of us to focus on each other and not on all that is around us.  And, I am grateful for the patience and understanding we received as we continue to learn how to use what we have learned in class to "connect" in the real world.

    Bravo, Cindy--Thank you! and -- "More, please!"  -- Pat & Random