My Sheltie puppy, Caris, and I completed the Intro to Nose Work class yesterday. I had been working with a private trainer on Caris's fear issues and the private trainer said that Nose Work might be good for Caris. I have been delighted with Caris's handling of the class. I think that the only-one-dog-in-the-room environment made it possible for Caris to focus on her search for the food in the beginning and then sharpen her skills as the searches became more challenging. Caris had become so confident that she was even able to work outside at the last class and did not react to other dogs in the class when they were being put in or taken out of their cars. I also think that Cindy was able to make her presence and her ability to help the dogs in their search non-threatening to Caris, as well. I am very much looking forward to seeing Caris grow in confidence and skill in the Intro to Odor class that starts next week. Thank you!  ---Margaret, Silver Spring, MD

Anyone who has walked a dog knows they experience the world differently than we do.  Cindy Knowlton's classes are a learning laboratory into their scent intellect, allowing us to "observe" scenting ability.  It's a thrill to see my shy dog follow a scent swirling around the classroom, putting his nervousness aside.  He started class a slinking, shaking mess but once he discovered there were food rewards for sniffing, his confidence and commitment grew.  He has approached new searches and search areas with enough confidence he will be able to do his first Odor Recognition Test.  What he has achieved is impressive with or without a title.  To me, he is a winner already!  Thanks Cindy, for providing such an enriching opportunity for us.  ---Laura, St. Leonard, MD

I think your offerings for nose work are great. I like the variety of the seminars you offer and I have most certainly have enjoyed joining your class. You have great insight into issues and have helped me a lot in learning corrections for those issues and thus helping us attain our goals. Keep the creative juices flowing!  ---Michele, Severna Park, MD

Wish came to me as a foster dog extremely afraid of people and very skittish in new environments.  I worked hard, with the help of lots of dog savvy friends, to socialize her with a variety of people/dogs and to desensitize her to new environments so that her world would not seem to be such a terrifying place.  Once she became more comfortable she attended some obedience classes and even began to do some agility.  

Wish was beginning to really come out of her shell when the seizures began.  She was diagnosed with canine epilepsy.  Stress being a possible seizure trigger, I immediately pulled her out of the adrenaline charged agility classes and stopped competing with her.  

After nearly 2 years trying to find the right balance of diet and medication,  I started looking for a low stress but fun activity to do with my girl.  My friend Mary often talked about doing nose work with her Aussie (a.k.a Sir Sniffsalot).  So I checked out Cindy's website to find out what type of environment Wish would need to be in to see if nose work might be something we could try.  After just the first 2 weeks I noticed a new spring in her step, a new confidence in the way she presents herself.  She is now initiating more play with her younger border collie brother and doesn't succumb to his pushiness.  I see a more assertive, happy, proud of herself dog!
Thank you, Cindy!  I hope to see you in the spring to continue with Wish or maybe to start my eldest little senior cockapoo Sydney, who will be wanting some Momma & Me time when she retires completely from agility.  ---Leanne, Kent Island, MD

We love the extra nose work experiences- photo shoots, mock ORT s, trying the sniff it games. The only thing that's too bad is our schedule is tricky these days, so we love options- frequent, short, sniff n go type sessions - that allow flexibility. We are always happy with the quality, whenever we can make it!  -- Lisa, Jessup, MD

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