How Do I Know if We're Ready for Competition?

The following guidelines should be considered when determining if you and your dog are competition ready.  There may be other considerations to take into account.

ORT Readiness

You and your dog should be successful with ORT boxes in at least five new locations with:

  • Blind hides
  • Working on a leash

Looking to enter an ORT?  Check the NACSW ORT Calendar for local events.





Trial Readiness

  • Birch ORT passed
  • Successful in at least 10 new locations with:
    • blind hides
    • hides up to 4 ft in elevation
    • ORT boxes
    • Interiors
    • Exteriors (with grass included in the search area)
    • Vehicles (three vehicles)
  • Successfully found hides in under three minutes
  • Successfully worked up to five minutes on a hide
  • Worked multiple elements back to back

Interested in volunteering or entering an upcoming K9 Nose Work trial?  Check the NACSW Trial Calendar for upcoming events.

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