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Change the Way You & Others Care for Your Dog


Introducing a dog’s best friend: Functional Assessment Tracking™ (FAT™). Created by professional trainer Suzanne Clothier, FAT™ helps you translate what you know about a dog into a powerfully informative profile.

Each profile is a reflection of your dog in that moment, in that setting, under those conditions. You may create as many profiles as you like, whether that’s every day or every now and then. Each profile can be emailed, printed out or shared via URLs, and all profiles become a part of that dog’s record.

Available as a subscription service, FAT™ will become the hallmark of knowledgeable and compassionate caretakers, whether dedicated owners or animal professionals.



You are the expert on your dog. How can you effectively share that knowledge with others caring for your pet? How can you gain knowledge and insight on your pet’s changing needs?

FAT™ makes sure what you know about your dog can go with your dog, so you know all caretakers have the information they need to provide the best possible care. The easy to use format guides you through 15 different aspects of your dog’s behavior, and then creates a comprehensive FAT™profile.

As someone with many animals, Suzanne knows all too well the worries about leaving a beloved companion in someone’s care. FAT™ addresses those worries.  Stop asking yourself “Did I remember to tell them…?” Use FAT™ to provide them with the information they need to know.


So much important information goes into caring for any dog. Will you remember to ask all the right questions? Will you or your staff remember all the details, or recognize changes? FAT™ makes sure that up-to-date, detailed information about the dog stays with the dog.

FAT™ was created to help professional caretakers, such as:

  • Veterinarians & Staff
  • Trainers & Behaviorists
  • Shelters, Rescues & Sanctuaries
  • Boarding & Daycare Facilities
  • Dog Sitters & Dog Walkers
  • Service & Guide Dog Organizations
  • Therapy & Service Dogs

Accurate, easily communicated information is vital to providing the best possible care. FAT™ profiles give you and your entire staff a world of current information about each dog. Avoid the confusion of interpretation and inexpert assessments. FAT™ provides clear, observation based information that keeps every one on the same page, and doing the best for the dog.

Learn more about FAT here, and spread the word to the pet professionals who care for your pet!  Let's get this thing funded!!

See Spot Grin will be offering FAT portals to our clients for a small monthly fee as soon as they become available! 


Parking at See Spot Grin

We're glad you and your dog are excited to get to class and can't wait to walk through the door!  Please keep in mind that the parking area in front of the door isn't very big and that others will be roiling in while your class wraps up.  In order to make the best use of the area and minimize congestion in between classes . . .

Please park like this:


Not like this . . .


Thanks in advance for adjusting!

Exiting See Spot Grin

Great news!  The exit path has been repaired and leveled, and is now as smooth a drive as your path in!   No need to leave the way you came in any more.  Woo hoo!


Here's a snapshot of the fun CCC folks are having with their dogs:

K9 Nose Work Fun

K9 Nose Work folks are having a different kind of fun!

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