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Swift Return

Did you know there's a new page on the See Spot Grin website?  The Swift Returns page specifically addresses things you can do to improve your chances of finding your dog if he gets lost.

Among the ideas is teaching your dog a whistle recall.  Once your dog is whistle trained the idea is that you can hand out whistles to folks in the area the dog was last seen in hopes that he'll come running when he hears someone's whistle.  

This video shows how to teach your dog a whistle recall:

Be sure to check out the Swift Returns web page for other great ideas, and share with your friends to improve their chances as well!


From Grinner to Grinner

We're all about supporting the local businesses of Grinners, so if you have a product or service you'd like to be featured in a future newsletter let us know!

Pyramid Pan Dog Treats

Have you heard about the latest craze in homemade dog treats?  Using a silicone pyramid baking pan you can make hundreds, even thousands of bite sized pre-cut baked treats!  Simply mix your ingredients, fill the pan, and pop them out after baking! 

pyramid pan kit.jpg

Find a pyramid pan dog treat recipe on the internet or create your own.  Cindy came up with a simple recipe using only braunschweiger and water!  Add enough water to make the batter mashed potato consistency, fill your tray, and bake at 200 degrees for one hour.  That's it!

See Spot Grin is now selling pyramid pan kits in the classroom. The $25 kit includes a silicone pan and a shaker can to store your treats in.  One shake of the can into your hand and you'll have just the right number of treats to reward your dog!  

These make great gifts for your dogs friends, and the holidays are coming soon!   Pick yours up while supplies last.  We won't be reordering supplies before the end of the year.


Here's a snapshot of the fun CCC folks are having with their dogs:

K9 Nose Work Fun

K9 Nose Work folks are having a different kind of fun!

Other Dog Stuff


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