Scent Work Competitions offered by See Spot Grin

WAG IT! GAMES offers two ways to compete with your dog in scent work.

Sniff It is a fun scent work game you can play with your dog. At the Novice level dogs search for food or a light odor of the handler’s choice, like birch, anise, clove or cypress.

In Wag It! Games Quarry Quest dogs demonstrate their ability to sniff out their "quarry" as they negotiate a space full of obstacles. What’s the quarry? Sheep wool!

PERFORMANCE SCENT DOGS is a registry that brings an additional form of competition to the scent work community. It’s a super fun way to test your dog’s ability to find birch, anise or clove in up to five different elements, including Buildings, Exteriors, Containers, Distance and Speed.

Competitions can include one, any or all of the above elements one one day. Legs are earned for titles in the individual elements, and special awards are also offered.

PSD offers same day Target Odor Tests. Enter one element or multiples. Turn any run into a training run with assistance by the judge, and more!

C-WAGS offers competitions in obedience, rally, games and a scent work division called Scent Detectives. If you’re looking for another enjoyable opportunity to test your scent work skills with your dog using birch, anise or clove, the C-WAGS Scent Detectives program offer six levels to keep you and your dog challenged in new ways.

Cypress is an additional odor that dogs must search for beginning at the Novice level.

No target odor test required! Enter multiple levesl on the same day. Run your dog and go home, or spend the day with C-WAGS friends and watch them run their dogs.